Water Still with Silica Sheathed Heater (Single Still), LH 9.72


Water Stills are carefully designed to produce high purity pyrogen free distilled water. The water still made of Borosilicate glass comprises of horizontal type Boiler, Condenser, Silica Sheathed (Quartz) Heater, along with Stand and Clamps etc.
* Replaceable Silica Heater : Borosilicate Condenser and Boiler are fitted with a removable Silica
Sheathed Heater and Screw Threaded connectors for ease of cleaning when scaling is formed.
* Distillate temperature is around 25 to 45°C which is ensured by an efficient condenser.
* The stand is powder coated for rust free operation and lustrous appearance.
* The unit automatically switches off if water level in the boiler falls below heater.
* Cooling water from the condenser is re-circulated into the boiling chamber, hence saving energy.
* Drain nozzle/Teflon Stop Cork is provided for easy cleaning and maintenance.
* Electrical Power: 220/240 V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase Supply.

Single Still
1. Conductivity : 1 to 2.0 μs/cm
2. Distillate Quality : Pyrogen Free

Unique Feature:
This model is equipped with in-built temperature switch to protect the Glass parts
in case of water failure or overheating.

LH 9.72 : Output Capacity : 2.0 ltr/hr Cooling Water Consumption : 60 ltr/hr Power Rating : 1.5 Kw
LH 9.73 : Output Capacity : 4.0 ltr/hr Cooling Water Consumption : 120 ltr/hr Power Rating : 3.0 Kw


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