Vertical Autoclave, Wingnut Locking, LH 6.10

Vertical Autoclave, Wingnut Locking

* The Outer Chamber Is Made Of Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Sheet Duly
* The Inner Chamber Is Made Of Thick 304 Grade Stainless Steel Sheet.
* Lid Is Made Of Thick Machined High Grade Stainless Steel Plate.
* The Unit Has Wing Nut Type Locking Arrangement.
* Unit Is Provided With Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Release Valve, Water Level Indicator & Drain Valve.
* Unit Is Hydraulically Tested To Withstand Upto 40 Psi Pressure.
* All Internal Joints Are Argon Arc Welded, Ground And Polished To Give Crevice Free Internals.
* Molded Joint-Less Silicon Rubber Gasket Is Provided For Leak Proofing.
* The Unit Is Electrically Heated By Flange Type/Immersion Type Heaters.
* Supplied With Control Box, Fitted With Mains & Heating Indicators, Rocker Switch, Cord & Plug To Work On 220/230V, 50Hz Ac Supply.
*Due To Continuous Improvement In Design, The Product Supplied May Have Modified Features & Design.

Size & Capacity
LH 6.9 250 x 450mm, Cap 22 ltr
LH 6.10 300 x 500mm, Cap 35 ltr
LH 6.11 350 x 550mm, Cap 52 ltr
LH 6.12 400 x 600mm, Cap 75 ltr
LH 6.13 450 x 600mm, Cap 95 ltr
LH 6.14 550 x 750mm, Cap 178 ltr


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