Trinocular Research Coaxial Microscope with 30 degree sidentopof head, LHM 23

Optical System :  Finite Optical System.  All Optics Are Be Made Of High Quality Glasses And Anti Fungal Coated.

Stand :  C Shaped Stand With Well-contoured Modular Base, Ergonomic Easy-to-use Microscope Have Specifically Been Designed For Laboratory And University Applications  Window In The Arm Section To Observe The Specimen With Naked Eye. Ergonomic Carrying Grip Enables Easy Transportation.

Viewing Head :  Trinocular Inclined Tube, Inclined At 30° Rotatable Through 360° With IPD 50-75 Mm And One Side Dioptric Adjustment. Anti Fungus Treated

Eyepieces :  Wide Field Eyepiece Paired WF 10x

Nosepiece :  Reverse Parfocal Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece (Ball Bearing Type).

Objectives :  DIN Semi Plan Achromatic, Anti Fungus Treated Objectives: 4x/ 0.10, 10x/ 0.25, 40x (Spring Loaded)/ 0.65, 100x (Spring Loaded, Oil)/ 1.25 All Objectives Are Parfocal And Precentered To Minimize Refocusing

Stage : Double Layer Graduated Mechanical Rectangular Stage Size 132 X 142mm Cross Travel 75 (X) X 40 (Y) Mm On Ball Bearing Co-axial Controls, Spring Clip Stage Focus Stop Adjustable Through Focus Locking Screw.

Focusing Module : COAXIAL Coarse & Fine Focusing Mechanism, With Tension Control Ring.  Low Positioned Coaxial Knobs For Easy Reach Of The Operator. Thus Eliminate Operator For Raising Elbows While Working.

CondensorMoveable ABBE Condenser, NA 1.25 With Aspheric Lens Iris Diaphragm With Swing Our Filter Holder.

Illumination Built In Bright White Led, With Intensity Control Regulator

Power :   Power Input 220v Ac 50/60hz




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