Thin Layer Chromatography Kit, LH 17.1

LH 17.1 Thin Layer Chromatography Kit,
Comprising Of Moveable Applicator (Spreader) With
Built In Arrangement, 0-2 Mm, Perspex Base Plate 114 X 23 Cm. Aluminium Carrier,
Perspex Spotting Temp Plate, Developing Chamber With Lid, Five T.L.C. Plates 20 X 20 Cm.,
Two T.L.C. Plates 20 X 5 Cm., Scriber For Marking Lines, Micropippete And Glass Sprayer
With Rubber Bellow.
LH 17.1 With Chrome plated Brass Applicator
LH 17.2 With Aluminum Applicator


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