Student Microscope With Moveable Condenser, LHM 9

* STAND : Monocular, frame inclines back to 90′

* VIEWING BODY : Monocular tube, Straight

* EYEPIECES : Huygenian eyepiece 1 Ox

* NOSEPIECE : Quadruple/Triple revolving nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops

* OBJECTIVES : SA series Achromatic objectives 10x/ NA 0.25 &40x/ NA 0.65 (SL) Optional 4x/NA  0.10

* WORKING STAGE : Stage plate size 120x 120mm with Stage Clips

* FOCUSING SYSTEM : Separate coarse and fine focus controls . Coarse movement by Rack & Pinion and fine movement by Screw Lever       Mechanism

* CONDENSER : Sub-stage Iris diaphragm with moving up and down through rack and pinion, condenser NA 1.25 with Blue Filter

* ILLUMINATION : Piano concave reflector mirror mounted at the base

* PACKING : Thermocole Box xd with operation manual, dust cover and cleaning cloth



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