Refreigerated Universal Centrifuge Brushless, LH 14.15

Refreigerated Universal Centrifuge Brushless, 20000 rpm Premium model
Digital, premium brushless model microprocessor based. Max. speed 20000
rpm further speed depends upon rotor being used. Fitted with microprocessor based LCD Pannel for 0-59 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and programmable speed controller. Stand by temperature from -20°C to room temperature is controlled by microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator. Working temperature from -8°C.

A. Angle Rotor 12×1.5/2.2ml. with adopters 0.5/0.2ml. Max. speed 20000 r.p.m
B. Angle Rotor 24×1.5/2.2ml., Max. Speed 16000 r.p.m
C. Angle Rotor 8x15ml., Max. Speed 13000 r.p.m
D. Angle Rotor 4x50ml. , Max. Speed 13000 r.p.m
E. Angle Rotor 4x100ml. , Max. Speed 10000 r.p.m


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