Binocular Research Coaxial Microscope with 30 degree sidentopof head rackless stage and Semi Plan imported Tip objectives, LHM 22

* Optical :
• Finity Optical System
• All optics is made of high quality glasses including condenser, objective, eyepiece and observation tube. No plastic optics or lenses        are used

* Stand :
• C shaped sturdy stand to minimize vibrations for durability, stability and fatigue free operation.
• Well-contoured modular design places all moveable parts within comfortable reach of
the operator thus enabling fatigue free operation over long periods of use
• Due to ergonomic shape the focusing knobs and stage movement knobs are positioned
for manipulation with hands resting on table. Eliminates need for uncomfortable hand or forearm lifting
• Integrated Handle for easy carrying and lifting of microscope while storage.

* viewing Head:
• Seidentopf Binocular tube, inclined at 30° rotatable through 360° with IPD 48-75 mm. Diopter Adjustment Anti fungus       treated.
• Continuous interpupilary distance adjustment from 48 – 75mm without the need for refocusing

* Nosepiece :
• Quadruple Reverse angle nosepiece (Ball bearing type). The inward facing design allows unobstructed view of the sample. Also               enables easy identification of objective in light path. Knurled gripped

* Eyepieces :
• Wide Field eyepiece lOx (paired) with a balanced field number of 20mm
• Anti fungus treated

* Objectives
• DIN PLAN Achromatic Objectives, Anti fungus treated. Objectives are strain free.
Harmonized for use in Brightfield. Colour coded and with following magnifications:
4x/ NA 0.10, W.D. 25.5mm
10x/ NA 0.25, W.D. 6.5mm
40x/ NA 0.65 (Spring Loaded), W.D. 0.40mm
100x/ NA 1.25 (Spring Loaded, Oil), W.D. 0.13mm

All objectives are Parfocal and Precentered to minimize refocusing.

* Mechanical Stage :
• Hard coated stage surface
• Graduated mechanical rectangular with round edges size 132 x 142mm
• Cross travel 75X) x 40(Y) mm on ball bearing
• CO-axial controls, right hand low driven.
• Well contoured soft Spring clip specimen holder to prevent damage to glass slides by students
• Integrated and preadjusted focus stop prevents damage to slides. Does not require adjustment at site

* Focusing Module :
• Low position co-axial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control.
• High Sensitivity Fine Focus movement, each division moves 2 micron, improves depth of focus study

* Condenser :
• Sub-Stage ABBE Condenser Centerable, NA 0.90 Dry / NA 1.25 Oil
• Moveable by Rack and Pinion

* illumination :
• LED Cold Light 6 operating life of 25000 hours, eliminates the need to replace
expensive tungsten bulbs and saves time
• Intensity control regulator and well designed collector lamp optics enable
homogenous balanced illumination of entire field of view

* Power :
• power (AC input 220V, 50/60Hz)
• Detachable Power Cord



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