Trinocular Research Coaxial Microscope with Semi Plan Achromat Objectives, LHM 21

* STAND : C shaped, Single Mold stand with anti-rust materials. Ergonomic Base Design

* VIEWINGHEAD : Trinocular tube, 45° inclined, 360°.Interpupilary Distance 55-75mm, 360° rotatable and Dioptric adjustment on left. And fungus Treated

* EYEPIECES : Wide Field WF 1 OX/18mm Paired. Optional WF 10X/20mm with Pointer, WF 15X

* NOSEPIECE : Inward Quadruple Nosepicce (Ball 1 Hearing type with rubber ring)

* OBJECTIVES : Semi Plan Achromatic objectives fx/ NA 0.10, l()x/ NA 0.25 , 4()x/ NA 0.65 (SL) , l()()x/ NA 1.25 (SL, Oil)

* STAGE : Double layer graduated mechanical rectangular stage size 132 x 145mm cross travel 80 (X) x 50 (Y) mm on hall bearing co-axial controls, spring clip

* FOCUSING: Ergonomic designed Co-axial Coarse and Fine focusing system economically placed knobs on both sides, on ball drive for smooth operation with tension control ring

* CONDENSER:  Abbe Condenser N. A-1.25 \\ itli Iris Diaphragm mid swing out Filter Holder, Moving I p mid Down on rack and pinion.

* ILLUMINATION:  Built-in Critical, Bright White LED, Brightness Adjustable. Power Input 220V, 50Hz. Optional Halogen Lamp 6V/20W,Brightness Adjustable.

* PACKAGE CONTENTS Thermocole box, with Operation Manual, Cleaning Cloth, Dust cover, Power Cord




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