Single Stage Quartz Distillation, LH 9.61

The apparatus consists of a boiler made from high purity quartz with built in heater
and bottom discharge joint for easy cleaning of deposits. A spiral condenser is fitted
on the boiler with receiving adapter. The unit comes with Safety Control Unit
(Optional) to protect the Glass parts in case of water failure or overheating. Sturdy
stand as base duly powder coated.
Quartz can withstand very high temperature variation, thus it is absolutely thermal
shock proof.

LH 9.61  : Output Capacity : 2.5 ltr/hr Power Rating : 2 Kw Cooling Water Consumption : 35 ltr/hr Borosilicate Condenser,
LH 9.62 : Output Capacity : 5 ltr/hr Power Rating : 4.4 Kw Cooling Water Consumption : 65 ltr/hr Borosilicate Condenser,
LH 9.63 : Output Capacity : 8 ltr/hr Power Rating : 6 Kw Cooling Water Consumption : 90 ltr/hr Borosilicate Condenser,
LH 9.64 : Output Capacity : 10 ltr/hr Power Rating : 9 Kw Cooling Water Consumption : 120 ltr/hr Borosilicate Condenser,


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