Egg Incubator, LH 5.59

Egg Incubator
Exterior fabricated out of thick mild steel duly finished with powder coating. Interior made of richly anodised aluminium
The gap between the walls is fitted with special grade glass wool. High quality kanthal heating wire elements provided for
heating. Force air circulation fans are provided for circulation to maintain equal temperature through out the chamber.
Temperature from 30° C to 70° C ± 1° C controlled by hydraulic type capillary thermostat. The unit is provided with manual tilting device, so to tilt the tray holding the eggs. Tray is made of thick aluminium sheet. An L – shaped prismatic thermometer is fitted to the unit for reading the chamber temperature. Equipment suitable to be working on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

LH 5.59 50 eggs
LH 5.60 100 eggs
LH 5.61 200 eggs
LH 5.62 250 eggs


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