Automatic Bomb Calorimeter, LH 3.123

Automatic Bomb Calorimeter
Bomb Calorimeter Automatic Bomb Calorimeter Microprocessor Based (Graphical Display) 128X64 Graphical Lcd.
Temperature Resolution 0.010 ‘C. Internal Memory 1000 Logs With Date And Time, Usb Interface To Pc. Inbuilt Thermal
Printer, Time Clock, Real Time Clock With Battery Backup. Measurement & Calculation Of Calorific Value & Water
Equivalent Usb Interface For Sending Data To Pc. Full Test Report Printout By Inbuilt Thermal Printer. Weight Of Sample,
Water Equivalent & Sensitivity Can Be Set Through Keypad On Single Page, Fuse Wire Open Indication Error Adjustable.
No Paper Or Printer Door Open Detection, Audio Indication On Firing As Well As After Test, Automatic Detection Of
Temperature Rise & Fall, Power Supply 230 ± 10%Ac, Complete With All Accessories. (Hsn Code: 90278020)


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