Revolutionary Microprocessor Laboratory Centrifuge Brushless, LH 14.6

Revolutionary Microprocessor Laboratory Centrifuge Brushless

maximum speed 6000 rpm Premium Model:
Fitted with maintenance free BLDC motor (without carbons) Square M S body duly powder coated. Hydrolic lid. Microprocessor based 4 lines 16 characters LCD display with 0-99 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and preset programmable speed regulator. Also featured with dynamic brake, Electronic lid lock imbalance detector 10 programme memory. 3 accelerations and 3 decelerations Price without rotor head. Rotor can be selected at extra cost as under

16x15ml Swing Rotor
24x7ml Swing Rotor
6x50ml, Swing Out Head
24x15ml Angle Rotor
4x100ml Angle Head
16x15ml, Angle Head
8x15ml, Angle Head
6x50ml Angle Head
16 Vacutainers in Swing Out head


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