Rotary Microtome (Spencer Type), LH 11.5

Rotary Microtome (Spencer Type) 
Rotary Microtome is the most precise and uniform sectioning equipment for use in Medical Colleges, Universities, Research Laboratories, Hospitals and Educational Institutions. The internal mechanism and knife holder rests on a heavy-duty and rigid base to render a shake proof operation. The Protective aluminium cover is hinged to the base and swings back so that the interior parts are completely exposed for convenient setting, cleaning, lubrication etc. Feed mechanism is dependent upon the vertical movement of the object block. With every complete revolution of the counter balanced drive wheel, the feed pawl engages with the teeth of the ratchet gear which moves towards and advances the object holder through a cone inclined plane mechanism in precise increments so that the tissues can be sectioned even to a thickness of one micron


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