Rocking Microtome, LH 11.2

Rocking Microtome 
Cambridge Rocking Microtome is very well known and one of the best established microtomes in the world, which has given outstanding service to numerous microtomists through the years. It is designed for sectioning comparatively soft, wax-embedded tissues with a thickness range of 2 µm to 24 µm, in steps of 2 µm. Calibrated in 2 micron divisions, the section cutting thickness can be set easily and quickly by a single control. It is recommended for elementary biology & pathology students.
The rocking microtome is an extremely reliable instrument comprising of three moving parts. The lead screw mechanism incorporates quality precision engineering and the cutting stroke is controlled by a single control lever which minimizes the operator skill required. It carries wide choice of specimen holders cylindrical holders, standard orientating & wood block holders for sectioning wax embedded specimens


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