Kjeldahl Dry Block Digester, LH 8.34

Kjeldahl Dry Block Digester
Made Of An Aluminium Alloy Casted Machined Block With Cavities For Digestion Tubes.
Heating Elements Are Spread Uniformly Beneath The Block, So That Entire Block And Thus
The Tubes, Attain The Same Temperature Throughout. Temperature Is Controlled From
+20°C Ambient To 400°C With ±2°C Accuracy By Digital Temperature Indicator Cum
Controller. Provided With Neon Lamp And Cord To Work On 220 / 230 Volt Ac Supply. The
Whole Unit Is Housed In A Ms Sheet Body Duly Epoxy Powder Coated. Supplied With
Digestion Tubes.

Capacity ML No. of Cavities
LH 8.34 100ml 4
LH 8.35 100ml 8
LH 8.36 100ml 12
LH 8.37 100ml 16
LH 8.38 250ml 4
LH 8.39 250ml 8
LH 8.40 250ml 12
LH 8.41 250ml 16


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