Kjeldahl Digester, LH 8.42

Kjeldahl Digester
These Digesters Uses Quartz Infrared Heaters For Short Heating Time And High Efficiency.
Double Walled Design With Thermal Insulation. Outer Body Made Of Ms Sheet Duly
Epoxy Powder Coated. The Chamber Made Of Stainless Steel Sheet With Holes For
Digestion Tubes. The Unit Is Supplied Complete With Digestion Tube Rack And Stand.
Temperature Is Controlled From ± 20°C Ambient To 400°C With ± 2°C Accuracy By Digital
Temperature Indicator Cum Controller ; Measurement Range : 0.1Mgn-200Mgn (Mg
Nitrogen) ; Digest Time : 60-90 Min/Batch (According To Sample Quantity). Supplied
With Glass Racks.

Capacity ML No. of
LH 8.42 100ml 4
LH 8.43 100ml 8
LH 8.44 100ml 12
LH 8.45 100ml 16
LH 8.46 250ml 4
LH 8.47 250ml 8
LH 8.48 250ml 12
LH 8.49 250ml 16


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